Learn how to read your astrology sign

If you are wondering why certain things happen in your life then you may be able to get the answers from astrology. Reading you signs or receiving a free numerology report are not hard to do but you need to first find out what your sign is before you begin. There are a lot of different meaning in Astrological signs.

Find the Secrets to: Your Astrological Sign

First you want to look up what your astrological sign is. It is based on your birth date and there are many places online where you can find out this information. Once your have your sign then you can begin with a reading. You can learn about the Libra personality or Aries preferred compatibility matches.  Most reading change daily so you can get your astrology each day if you like.

Learn Awesome: Astrology Sign

Next you can take your astrological reading to answer questions you may have about your life. It may be something as simple as trying to regulate your diet or making more money. You need to know that during certain times of the year your sign may be better or worse depending on the reading.

Throughout the years many people have used astrology and there sign to understand life better. It started all the way back when the Egyptians used the starts to understand the planet they lived on. You can get benefit from knowing how your sign affects you and your personalty.

Finally it is important to know that different signs show how peoples personalities differ. Like signs may get along better with other signs. You can benefit form studying your astrological sign and understanding the meaning of it.

Making predictions in astrology

Prayers to GOD and regular worship might give some strength to Lagna of a person. But just visiting temples, offering free meal and doing poojas are not the exclusive thing in this regard.

Sincerity/honesty towards GOD should be essence of the prayers. GOD has given everything to living beings and nothing is left out for him/her to enjoy. So many things has been created and thousands of people are not even aware of many surprising places around the globe.

When a person looks at celestial space, which is an unending and can never be carved out with radius or length and breadth of the same. Human mind alone can travel at such speed to reach anywhere. Our sages have visualised all those things without such modern equipments,. as we have now. They could also predict and leave the in formations to us for many centuries. How come they got such power of telling the future?. With so much of modern telescopes,satellites we are unable to predict what will happen next moment/next day/next year?.

Therefore, Our sages had much more modern technology and could do many wonders. This is major reason that even today people believe those great things and worship sages.

Coming back to prayers, look at five elements (fire/air/earth/water/sky) and the planets especially SUN. This planet generates more than 1.4 million degree Celsius heat inside and when it reaches earth, the temperature reduced to 30 to 50 degrees. How this is happening? and what technology GOD has created?. Similarly water evaporates due to sun heat and forms cloud, to give us very sweet water. How many dirty things being burnt by us get cleaned?. There are so many things happening for which no proper evidence is available.

All these things are being done by GOD only to ensure the survival of living beings. Look at human beings, the way they live?. For anything and everything done by them, they expect reward, material benefits and many more things. Whereas GOD does so much for us and is he ever asked anything in return?.

Over and above this, look at our own body and various parts of the body. Is there any external link or power moving the parts?. Tons and tons of food products go inside the body in a humans life, but still is not sufficient. GOD has given so much freedom to any life to do anything, enjoy and be happy. But look at our way of life.Thousands of rules/regulations and control.

All the above things make one’s athma to strain and get affected. It is to be borne in mind that like GOD doesn’t expect any return from us, one should pray to him in the same way. The person praying to GOD must be as simple as possible, and truly honest from his mind to GOD. There is no need to waste money or do something to attract others and make it big function to show up that he/she is great.

In fact no other person should know your sincerity/honesty to GOD. It is the fundamental responsibility of every one to be true to GOD. The true follower of GOD will always say/practice and live honestly, talk only the truth under any circumstances. He/she will do only good things for whomsoever, even if they had done bad to them. Like five elements, which does its duty irrespective of mistakes/harm done by anyone to them.

Such kind of persons will not have interest in material benefits and they will mingle with celestial space, to enjoy the true GOD present there. These are the people will get the best Lagna in all their birth. Lord Rama’s horoscope is typical example of How Lagna is so powerful, clean and gave direction to ensure earnestness/ truthfulness always, irrespective of any kind of situations. Lord was always speaking/following the truth. Not only that, all his brothers also had to follow his way of life.

That is the kind of life which is the best than any other way of life for generations. Such kind of life and if anyone lived that way, the Lagna will be powerful and they will have the ability to turn around their misfortunes. This is what should be looked into in a horoscope, and if so, predictions are bit easy. Otherwise, if Lagna is very much affected/afflicted, then in most cases, I find , in spite of doing many remedial poojas, they continue to have problems. In some cases till their death, never seen any positive effects of pooja.

How horoscope helps in love

It will help you to avoid all types of misunderstandings.

Let Consider an example:- You are dating with your loved one and you feel that he’s boring, stupid and the last person you should be hanging out with and you think for dumping him. But if you see that from last two years, he has been the love of your life. Surprise! How this sudden U-turn in emotions for a person that you love.
This change can damage your relationship. This type of decision can make you regret in future. In this type of situation the directions given to you by your Love Horoscope 2011 could come in handy. Every one of us can have the thoughts listed above, in this case what if you consider as:-My New Year love horoscope suggest me that I should avoid intimacy today. , I should reevaluate them on a day where I have a more positive relationship horoscope rather than addressing these issues with my boyfriend today.


If these feeling are still present, then I should weigh this relationship a bit more carefully. At a time when it is very possible that your emotional love I.Q. is not where it needs to be, somewhat unexpected in such case you have to pay extra attention to your love Horoscope and take what you can out of it to improve your relationship.
More the effort you put into making your relationship better will return to you ten-fold. The New Year Love Horoscope can serve this function on an everyday level. Start reading and paying attention to the advice love horoscopes are giving you. It can help you begin to evaluate your relationship in a pragmatic, rather than emotional fashion.